Mitsubishi Motors Singapore

Drive Customers Engagement & Capture More Leads via Chat

In a bid to emphasize the reliable traits of their cars, Mitsubishi Motors Singapore looked to develop a automotive retail chatbot that was ever-ready to push out its key conceptual messages, addressing all on-ground roadshow queries and be that trusted car pre-sales consultant for product recommendation and booking of test drives.

The Challenge

Given the volume of queries, especially during weekends, coupled with new launches and promotional campaigns, the team was experiencing difficulty in giving timely responses and results and were losing potential prospects. There was a real need for a lead capturing process that could handle higher volumes, especially during these peak periods, as well as to engage with a new generation of audiences who were spending more time on popular social messaging platforms.

The Solution

Introducing Miyuki, Mitsubishi Motor’s very own automotive retail Chatbot – designed to automate replies 24/7 for asked questions (such as COE price, car showroom location, car price list and trade-in etc), providing car model recommendations tailored to individual preferences, qualifying leads to book a test drive and sending personalized promotions that drive conversion.

Miyuki was discoverable via Facebook "Send Message" ads and offline at the car roadshow where shoppers could scan a unique Messenger Code pasted on each of the showcased car models. By clicking on specific messaging ads or scanning the code, the bot will direct the patrons into the key features of the specific car model, qualifying them and prompting them to make a test drive appointment with the most suitable sales consultant – augmenting the sales potential of the roadshow in general. An interactive quiz was also built to heighten engagement amongst roadshow patrons and Miyuki, where patrons answer trivia questions, indicated their interests of their preferred car model and exchanged their contact details to take part in the lucky draw contest.

The Results

Within the first month of Miyuki’s inception, it has proven to be an engaging conversationalist with an average chat session of 6:16 minutes and an impressive 12.7% in retention rate. With 91.3% of the FAQs being handled by Miyuki, the implementation met the objective successfully. On top of that, the quiz alone has garnered 51.4% participation rate which has surpassed the performance of other similar social media campaigns that was carried out by the brand previously. Beyond handling the FAQs, Miyuki has been able to capture leads as it has achieved 28.9% interest in booking a test drive.

“Our chatbot has taken a huge load off our sales team by automating the appointment booking, routing them to the relevant consultants and even servicing our customers at roadshows when our promoters are too busy. Within the first few weeks of going live, we have already seen gain in interests of the car models. Thanks AiChat and team, for the great product and a highly knowledgeable and efficient team to work with!”

– Michelle Chong, Marketing Manager at Mitsubishi Singapore

Automating 91% of Customer Service Support and Boost Test Drive KPIs via Messaging


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